Discover The Magic of Chiin Chilla!!

$H Glyph Operation Chiin Chilla Flat Brim (Feng Shui Money Frog)

If you've ever visited a Chinese grandmother's home, chances are you've seen a small frog statue made of jade or precious metals. Look a little closer and you'll notice it is sitting on a pile of gold coins as if guarding its treasure. Say hello to the Feng Shui Money Frog! Also known as the three-legged toad, they are meant to attract wealth and prosperity. Embroidered in bright green and gold the Feng Shui Money Frog design, created in collaboration with NY-based artist Kimberly Wong, was meant to stand out against the widely recognized LA blue color of this classic flat brim hat. And paired with our icon $H glyph 3D embossed on the front crown, you're guaranteed to turn heads. Swag!

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